Ho Chi Minh City Film Category

admin 2023/09/29 23:55

Celebrating Excellence in Ho Chi Minh City’s Film Industry

The Ho Chi Minh City Film Category Competition, held within the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival (HIFF), stands as a dedicated platform for honoring and celebrating the talented filmmakers and thriving film industry of Ho Chi Minh City. This competition provides an exceptional opportunity for local creatives to showcase their skills and craft outstanding cinematic works.

What to Expect in the HCMC Film Category Competition:

Celebrating the Art of Filmmaking in Ho Chi Minh City: This competition is a tribute to the art of filmmaking in Ho Chi Minh City, shedding light on local filmmakers and their unique creations.

Fostering Creativity: The competition welcomes emerging talents and established directors from Ho Chi Minh City, providing them a platform to showcase their artistic prowess and perpetuate creativity in the film industry.

Dialogue and Connection: Following each screening, audiences and participants have the chance to engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and connect with the creators. This competition encourages vibrant interaction between filmmakers and their enthusiastic audience.