Ngoc Thuy 2024/04/19 16:31

The Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival (HIFF) is organized with the aim of becoming an international bridge for filmmakers, artists, experts in the film industry, and cinema enthusiasts to come together and share their love for the seventh art. The official representative of HIFF for the first time is honored to be the actress Kaity Nguyen, who is also the founder and CEO of KAT House, an entertainment and media company. KAT HOUSE will accompany HIFF 2024 as a media partner.

KAT House is a company specializing in artist and film management and is currently the management company of the HIFF 2024 representative – actress Kaity Nguyen. It is also an investor in Vietnamese films such as “The Girl from the Past” and “The Last Wife”. In the future, KAT HOUSE will further develop in the fields of cinema and production. Sharing about HIFF 2024, actress Kaity Nguyen expressed, “Kaity hopes to expand further, especially into the international market because Kaity wants to share Vietnamese culture and people with other countries. Hopefully, that opportunity will come to Kaity soon.”

The Organizing Committee of the 1st Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival would like to express sincere gratitude to the representative face – actress Kaity Nguyen and KAT House for the collaboration this time.