Ngoc Thuy 2024/04/21 10:33

The First Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival officially concluded on 13 April 2024. Behind the festival’s success, we cannot overlook the contributions from talented filmmakers both within and outside the country.

We extend our best wishes to the most outstanding films and individuals who received HIFF 2024 awards, including:

The Golden Star Award

The gospel of the beast

Director: Sheron Dayoc
Producer: Sheron Dayoc, Sonny Calvento, Arden Rod Condez


“The Gospel of the Beast”” is a coming-of-age film about Mateo, a 15-year-old boy known for being a troublemaker in school but possessing a genuine heart for his two siblings. He assumed the role of man of the house after his father went missing, doing his best to care for them. However, a confrontation with his schoolmate Gerald escalates into violence when he accidentally kills his rival. With nowhere else to turn, Mateo seeks help from a man he barely knows, Berto, who persuades him to run away and introduces him to the world of the syndicate. As Mateo takes up residence in the old mansion where the syndicate operates, his world darkens as he slowly succumbs to despair and violence. Delivering drugs and disposing of dead bodies became part of his daily routine.
Over time, Berto evolves into a father figure for Mateo, and as their unique father-son relationship grows, Mateo gradually learns the harsh realities of life, death, and violence. After his best friend, Gudo,is killed by the same syndicate they work for, and he uncovers the truth about his father’s death, Mateo finally loses himself to violence and despair, falling into a trap on his ultimate journey into beasthood.

The Best First Or Second Film Award

City Of Wind

Director: Lkhagvadulam Purev Ochir


A spiritual shaman is a crucial member of the community, the one who everyone depends on when in need of moral and spiritual guidance. What happens when that shaman is a 17-year-old high school student who must balance his profound Spiritual responsibilities while also juggling another life – that of a high school student – working hard to success in the cold, callous society of modern Mongolia. Introducing Ze, 17-year-old gentle Mongolian shaman…

Mandoob (Night Courier)

Director: Ali Kalthami


In the heart of Riyadh, where desperation and opportunity collide, MANDOOB brings forth the gripping tale of Fahad Algadaani, a mentally fragile man racing against time to save his ailing father.

The Jury Prize Award

Last Shadow At First Light

Director: Nicole Midori Woodford
Producer: Tomohiko Seki, Shozo Ichiyama, Shao Yong Jeremy Christopher Chua


Haunted by recurring apparitions, 16-year-old Ami embarks on a journey from Singapore to Japan in search for her missing mother. On arrival in Tokyo, a cynical taxi-driving uncle whom she meets for the first time becomes her custodian and reluctant guide to the family hometown with a dark past. The road, paved with hauntings and hallucinations, traces her mother’s footsteps into mental decline. As Ami’s eyes begin to open to the nether world, a bond is slowly forged between uncle and niece. Amidst the transforming landscapes, Ami’s enigmatic dreams and lost mother unveil their true nature.

The Best Ho Chi Minh City Film Award

Song Lang

Director: Leon Le


In the Saigon of the 80’s, Dũng “Thunderbolt”, a taciturn and tough gangster meets Linh Phung, a young and naive performer of cải lương (a form of Vietnamese musical theatre).

The Best Short Film


Director: Fariba Haidari
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda


Poignant and touching slices of Leila’s life, a charming 64-year-old transgender who is permanently navigating and negotiating her place in an antagonistic world, just before the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan.

The Best Short Film – Jury Prize Award


Director: Fariba Haidari
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda


While a gamer uploads a testimonial video to denounce the harassment she suffers in a war video game, a stranger enters her home and hacks her computer, blurring the boundaries of the real and the virtual with chaotic consequences

The Best Director Award

Oasis Of Now

Director Chee Sum Chia

The Best Screenplay Award

Last Shadow At First Light

Screenwriter: Nicole Midori Woodford

The Best Actress Award

Oasis Of Now

Actress Tạ Thị Dịu

The Best Supporting Actress Award

Solids By The Seashore

Actress Rawipa Srisanguan

The Best Actor Award


Actor Mark Lee

The Best Supporting Actor Award


Actor Peter Yu

The Best Original Score Award

Blue Imagine

Musician: Yuji Wantanabe

The Best Editing Award

13 Bombs

Editor: Hendra Adhi Sussanto

The Best Cinematography Award

Last Shadow At First Light

DOP: Hideho Urata

The Best Sound Design Award 

13 Bombs

Sound Design: Wahyu Tri Pournomo

The Best Production Design Award


Production Design: Jean-Sien Kin Keico Katahira

The Best Visual Effects Award

Last Shadow At First Light

Laokoon VFX

Once again, we sincerely appreciate the filmmakers and production teams who accompanied us to  create a visually stunning cinematic feast for all our fans. Your contributions have propelled Southeast Asian cinema forward. May you continue to shine in the days ahead!