Ho Chi Minh City on Screen

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Welcome to a cinematic celebration that brings the vibrant pulse of Ho Chi Minh City to the silver screen—the “HCMC on Screen Selection” at the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival. In a nod to the city’s rich tapestry, cultural dynamism, and creative spirit, this selection proudly showcases films that are intrinsically tied to the beating heart of this metropolis.

Prepare to be captivated by a collection of films that are born from the very streets we walk, the neighborhoods we call home, and the energy that defines Ho Chi Minh City. Whether crafted by local directors, produced by HCMC-based companies, or featuring the city as a character in its own right, each film in this selection is a cinematic love letter to the unique essence of HCMC.

As the reels unfurl, you will traverse the familiar and discover the hidden gems of this cityscape. The “HCMC on Screen Selection” not only invites you to witness the visual splendor of Ho Chi Minh City but also to explore the myriad stories that unfold within its bustling streets, historic landmarks, and dynamic communities.

Whether the plot unfolds against the backdrop of iconic cityscapes, the camera lens captures the essence of daily life, or the narratives delve into the profound stories that echo from every corner, these films are a testament to the artistic prowess that thrives within HCMC’s creative community.

Join us on this cinematic journey through the soul of Ho Chi Minh City, where every frame is infused with the spirit of the city, and each story is a celebration of the unique narratives that make HCMC an endless source of inspiration. The screen is set, the stories are ready to unfold, and the HCMC on Screen Selection invites you to experience the magic of cinema that is deeply rooted in the beating heart of this extraordinary city. Welcome to the cinematic symphony of Ho Chi Minh City on screen.

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