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To pioneer a dynamic, start-up-centric ecosystem for filmmakers, propelling innovative film projects towards global recognition and fostering a vibrant film industry that thrives on creativity and collaboration.


Fuel the aspirations of filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and creative minds by establishing an entrepreneurial hub within the film industry. HIFF’s Workshop & Project Market aims to empower filmmakers with the tools, connections, and resources needed to transform their cinematic visions into impactful realities, contributing to the emergence of a robust start-up culture within the filmmaking community.

HIFF Workshop & Project Market celebrates and supports the diverse realms of cinematic creativity, offering a platform for emerging talents in both the art house and entertainment film domains. Emphasizing the critical early stage of project development, we present two distinct categories: Best Art House Project and Best Entertainment Project.

Welcome filmmakers who have crafted compelling narratives and are ready to embark on the journey of bringing their visions to life. HIFF Workshop & Project Market aims to propel these projects forward by providing monetary grants, mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, and the esteemed recognition that comes with winning this prestigious award.

As we usher in a new wave of storytellers, HIFF Workshop & Project Market seeks to be a catalyst for innovation and creativity in the cinematic landscape. Join us in celebrating the early stages of filmmaking, where passion meets potential, and discover the promising narratives that will shape the future of art house and entertainment cinema.

Participants will engage in a six-day intensive workshop led by industry professionals, followed by a project market and a final pitch in front of a prestigious jury. Two grand awards will be presented to the best projects in the categories of Art House and Entertainment.

Art House Film Category

Best Art House Film Project:

  • Open to art house film projects in development.
  • Benefit: Monetary grant, mentorship from industry professionals, and the prestige of winning the award.

Entertainment Film Category

Best Entertainment Film Project:

  • Open to entertainment film projects in development.
  • Benefit: Monetary grant, building networking with potential investors, mentorship from industry professionals, and the prestige of winning the award.

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