Submission Regulations

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HIFF Workshop & Project Market is committed to providing comprehensive support to emerging talents in the art house and entertainment film domains. In addition to project submissions, HIFF Workshop & Projects offers a unique opportunity for two key team members, the director and producer, from each selected project.

  • The HIFF Workshop & Project is open to filmmakers from around the world.
  • Submissions must be in the English.
Submission Requirements
  • Fiction project, minimum 70 minutes.
  • Documentary is not acceptable.
  • Applicants must submit a comprehensive project package, including:
    • Logline (max 800 words)
    • Synopsis (max 2000 words)
    • Director artistic’s statement
    • Treatment (8-10 pages)
    • Producer statement
    • Detailed budget, detailed financial plan with proof of secured finance
    • Production timeline
    • Director previous work
    • CV of production company
    • CV of director and producer
    • Any relevant visuals or materials that showcase the project’s vision.
  • A completed screenplay is available when required.

Submissions must be original works by the applicant(s), and the applicant(s) must have the necessary rights to develop and produce the project.

Multiple Submissions

A production company may submit more than one project for consideration, but each project must be submitted as a separate application.

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be received by the 15th February 2024 deadline, as announced by HIFF Workshop & Project.

Selection Process
  • Submissions will undergo a rigorous review by a panel of industry professionals, evaluating the strength of the concept, vision, and potential for cinematic excellence.
  • HIFF will review submissions and select projects based on their creativity, feasibility, and potential for development.
  • Selected projects will be notified by the festival by 5th March
Award Categories
  • Best Art House Project
  • Best Entertainment Project

Mentorship and Development

Selected filmmakers will have access to mentorship opportunities and resources offered by HIFF.

Feedback and Collaboration

Filmmakers are encouraged to be open to feedback and collaboration during the development process.


HIFF is not responsible for any loss or damage to submission materials.

Benefits for Winners
  • Best project receives a grand prix of 5000 USD
  • Mentorship from experienced industry professionals through master classes and private sessions.
Sponsorship for Team Members

The director and producer of each selected project will be sponsored with round-trip air tickets, ground accommodation, and logistic support to attend the HIFF Workshop & Project Market.

Additional Festival Benefits for Attendees
  • Exclusive access to networking events with industry professionals, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.
  • Complimentary passes to film screenings, allowing attendees to explore the diverse cinematic offerings of the festival.
  • Participation in panel discussions and Q&A sessions, providing insights into current trends and discussions within the film industry.
  • Inclusion in the official festival program, enhancing visibility and recognition for attendees and their respective projects.
  • Special recognition ceremonies and events honoring the contributions of attendees to the festival.
Selected projects will be notified by the 5th March 2024, and a public announcement of winners will be made.  
Usage of Festival Laurels

Award-winning projects must show HIFF Workshop & Projects laurels for promotional purposes.

Public Screening
  • Projects selected for the HIFF Workshop & Film Project may be showcased during the HIFF event.
  • Award-winning projects may be showcased during the next editions of film festivals, offering visibility to industry professionals, distributors, and the general public.
Legal and Copyright Compliance
  • Submissions must comply with copyright laws, and filmmakers should have the necessary rights and permissions for the submitted project.
  • Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring their projects do not infringe upon any copyrights or intellectual property rights.
  • By submitting a project, filmmakers grant HIFF the right to screen project materials during the festival and for promotional purposes.

HIFF Workshop & Projects reserves the right to make changes to these regulations as deemed necessary, with any modifications communicated to participants.

By submitting a project to HIFF Workshop & Projects, filmmakers acknowledge and agree to comply with these regulations. We look forward to receiving your innovative and captivating projects and welcoming your director and producer to the enriching HIFF Workshop & Project Market experience, along with the exciting festival benefits for all attendees.