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To apply, candidates need to submit the following documents for consideration:

1. Cover Letter (up to 500 words)

Provide a detailed description of what attracted you to apply to HIFF Script Lab and explain why this is the right time for you to participate in the Lab.

2. Project Type (Film or Series)

  • Choose one of the two project types:
  • FILM (running time of 80-110 minutes)
  • or SERIES (mini-series of 6-10 episodes, each episode with a running time of 30-60 minutes).

3. Treatment/Complete Script

  • For Film: Submit a treatment or complete script with a length of 80-110 pages.
  • For Series: Submit a treatment or complete script of the first two episodes.

4. Artistic Statement (up to 750 words)

Introduce the origin of the story, creative vision, and intention for the project.

5. Lookbook (optional)

If available, submit a lookbook describing the visuals, style, and overall feel of the project.

6. Logline (35 words)

Provide a concise and engaging description of the main content of the project.

7. Film and Series Synopsis

Submit a synopsis of the film (up to 400 words for a film) or a synopsis of the series (up to 400 words), along with a synopsis for each episode (up to 100 words).

8. Project Status and History

Describe the current status and development history of the project, including any information about awards, labs, or project markets that the project has been involved in.

9. Mandatory Conditions

Confirm that the script has not been sold to any film production company and has not been put into production.

10. Contact Information

Provide your full name, contact address, and detailed contact information.

11. Deadline

All submissions must be received no later than 29th February 2024.

We look forward to receiving quality applications and assure that all projects will be considered fairly and honestly.