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1. Who can participate in HIFF Script Lab?

HIFF Script Lab is only open to screenwriters. Other film crew members are ineligible to participate. We focus on developing advanced screenwriting skills.

2. Can a writer team apply together?

Writer teams can apply together and submit a joint application. We encourage collaboration and creative teamwork.

3. Does HIFF Script Lab accept filmmakers at all levels of experience?

Absolutely! We welcome filmmakers at all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned filmmaker, HIFF Script Lab is a place for you to develop and create.

4. Can international candidates participate?

International candidates are welcome to apply. However, please note that the script must be translated into Vietnamese for evaluation. It is essential for applicants to be aware that a mandatory requirement for Script Lab is that the resulting film produced from the script must be a Vietnamese speaking film.

5. Absence requirements

Selected candidates are required to participate in the Script Lab at HIFF. Absence will be considered as self-elimination from the Lab.

6. What is the official language in the workshop?

The entire workshop will be conducted in Vietnamese. In case the instructor speaks English, there will be a Vietnamese translation provided.

7. Is the adapted script eligible or not?

If the script is adapted from other source materials, candidates must present valid adaptation rights contracts.

8. What types of projects currently are beyond the scope of the Lab?

Presently, we are not accepting registrations for documentary films, animated films, and short films. The HIFF Script Lab is currently concentrating on feature films and series in the Vietnamese language.

9. Which film genres are accepted?

All film genres are welcome, but please note that the Lab focuses on the development of commercial film scripts for the Vietnamese market.

10. Is there a limit to the number of submitted projects per screenwriter?

Each screenwriter can submit multiple projects but only one project will be selected for the next round.