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Cine Talk – HIFF Conferences & Workshops

The Conferences & Workshops of the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival (HIFF) are the intellectual heart of the festival, where the world of cinema converges with thought-provoking discussions, skill-sharing sessions, and collaborative exploration of the film industry’s most pressing issues.

As the vibrant world of cinema continues to evolve, the need for dialogue, learning, and innovation becomes increasingly significant. HIFF’s Conferences & Workshops are designed to be a platform where filmmakers, industry experts, and film enthusiasts can come together to explore the past, present, and future of this dynamic art form.

Our diverse range of sessions cover a spectrum of topics, from the latest in film technology and production techniques to in-depth explorations of cinematic trends, cultural representation, and the socio-political impact of films. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker looking to hone your craft or a seasoned professional seeking to stay at the cutting edge of the industry, there’s something for everyone at HIFF.

HIFF’s commitment to fostering the growth of the local film community in Vietnam is reflected in our specialized workshops, designed to equip emerging talents with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the world of filmmaking.

With distinguished speakers, engaging panel discussions, and hands-on learning experiences, the HIFF Conferences & Workshops are a rich tapestry of ideas, inspirations, and insights that contribute to the global cinematic discourse. We invite you to be a part of this journey, where the world’s cinematic minds converge, and the future of filmmaking is shaped.

Investment Promotion Conferences (Expected around November 2023 – April 2024):

  1. “Developing Cinema into a Cultural Industry – Lessons from Korea and France” (16 November 2023)
  2. “The necessity of the Development Fund Cinema” – [Date and Time to be announced soon]
  3. “Film Center and Film Commission for each City” – [Date and Time to be announced soon]

Workshop/Discussion (Taking place during the 1st Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival – 2024):

  1. “Vietnam Revolutionary Cinema and Ho Chi Minh City Cinema vision and development”
  2. “Investment promotion opportunities and cooperation policies for film development in Ho Chi Minh City for international integration”
  3. “Focus: American/Korean/French cinema”
  4. “New trends and technologies in filmmaking”
  5. “Music/Fashion/Cuisine in Cinema”
  6. “The strength of the location/studio/setting connection in filmmaking”

Join us at the HIFF Conferences & Workshops for an opportunity to engage, learn, and grow within the world of cinema. Whether you’re an industry veteran, a passionate cinephile, or a curious beginner, you’ll find the Conferences & Workshops to be an invaluable part of your HIFF experience.