The Golden Star Award

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The Gospel Of The Beast

Director: Sheron Dayoc
Producer: Sheron Dayoc, Sonny Calvento, Arden Rod Condez


“The Gospel of the Beast” is a coming-of-age film about Mateo, a 15-year-old boy known for being a troublemaker in school but possessing a genuine heart for his two siblings. He assumed the role of man of the house after his father went missing, doing his best to care for them. However, a confrontation with his schoolmate Gerald escalates into violence when he accidentally kills his rival. With nowhere else to turn, Mateo seeks help from a man he barely knows, Berto, who persuades him to run away and introduces him to the world of the syndicate. As Mateo takes up residence in the old mansion where the syndicate operates, his world darkens as he slowly succumbs to despair and violence. Delivering drugs and disposing of dead bodies became part of his daily routine.
Over time, Berto evolves into a father figure for Mateo, and as their unique father-son relationship grows, Mateo gradually learns the harsh realities of life, death, and violence. After his best friend, Gudo,is killed by the same syndicate they work for, and he uncovers the truth about his father’s death, Mateo finally loses himself to violence and despair, falling into a trap on his ultimate journey into beasthood.

The Golden Star Award is the pinnacle of recognition at our festival. It represents the highest honor and is bestowed upon a film that truly exemplifies excellence in filmmaking. The Golden Star Award aligns with the International Film Category Competition in several meaningful ways.

Celebrating Excellence

The Golden Star Award is not limited to any specific region. It is awarded to the most outstanding feature film within the International Film Category Competition, regardless of its origin. This ensures that the best of global cinema is acknowledged and celebrated.

Honoring Artistic Merit

The Golden Star Award recognizes exceptional storytelling, innovative cinematography, powerful performances, and the ability to leave a lasting impact on audiences. It signifies a commitment to the art of filmmaking.

Inspiring Filmmakers

Winning The Golden Star Award serves as a beacon of inspiration for filmmakers worldwide. It encourages aspiring and seasoned directors to push the boundaries of creativity and continue on sharing their unique stories with the world.

Fostering Global Connection

Just as the International Film Category Competition brings together filmmakers and audiences from diverse backgrounds, The Golden Star Award highlights the universal appeal of outstanding cinema, fostering a sense of unity, and shared appreciation of the purity of art.