[PRESS RELEASE] The 1st Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024

admin 2023/09/22 01:11

The 1st Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024 (HIFF 2024), envisioned as Southeast Asia’s largest cinematic event next year, gets the official green light from the Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City, or the festival’s host, evening of September 20, 2023 at Lotte Saigon Hotel. This is the city’s first international film festival to feature producers, directors, performers, critics and cinephiles around Vietnam and the world.

Together with the city’s Department of Culture and Sports, the HCMC Cinema Association, and the Vietnam Cinema Department are members of HIFF 2024’s Advisory Board whose inputs for the past two years have been essential: 

●       Kim Dong Ho — founder and former chairman of the Busan International Film Festival; 

●       Jeremy Segay — region audio visual attaché from the French Embassy, consultant for many film festivals in Asia and Europe, formerly a programmer for Cannes multiple times; 

●       Jay Choi — former chairman of Warner Bros. Korea, CEO of Anthology Studio, co-executive producer of “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring”; 

●       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Luan Kim — principal of Vietnam Cinema School in HCMC, chair of Vietnam Cinema Association sessions V, VI; 

●       Phan Dang Di — director, winner of multiple international film awards; 

●       Charlie Nguyen — director, the mind behind the hits “The Rebel,” “Fool for Love,” “Big Boss” and more.

●       Le Hong Lam — film critic… 

●       … and others.

HIFF 2024 begins on April 6th, 2024 until April 13, 2024 with a host of captivating and varied activities, as well as awards for films (among them five main ones). HIFF 2024 is expected to draw a crowd in the hundred thousands, around 200 of which are producers, directors, performers and more from all over the world. The HIFF 2024’s Jury features experts in the cinematic arts from Europe, Asia, America and Vietnam. Jury members will be revealed at the end of this year.

Besides screening films in competition, HIFF 2024 also hosts events unique to international film festivals such as a red carpet roll-out on April 6th, 2024 and an awards night on April 13, 2024 at the Opera House and the outdoor area of Lam Son Park (Le Loi Street, District 1). These events aim to gather producers, directors, actors, press members and guests of honor from Vietnam, as well as representatives from the U.S., France, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand… 

Organizers will name the submitted titles and screen the festival opener film on opening night, and award HIFF 2024’s best films and makers and screen the festival closer film on closing night.

The Content and Cinema Expo is set to occur on Nguyen Hue Walking Street. The event shall present the history, growth and uniqueness of the cinema of HCMC, Vietnam and the world, along with famous producers, directors and performers. It will also exhibit archived materials, scripts, costumes and props of famous films. There are also booths presenting the goods and services of parties working in the content creation and filmmaking industries.

Seminars and masterclasses will take place throughout the festival at various locations. They present a window for filmmakers, actors, critics and audiences to meet and discuss topics related to cinema. They will also be where students, lecturers and film lovers can improve their understanding of cinema such as scriptwriting, directing, acting, filming, editing and appreciation. Experts local and international will participate in these.

Star Meetings will take place after each screening at theaters and the Nguyen Hue stage. Here, audiences can interact and listen to producers, directors and performers expand upon the filmmaking process, ideas, emotions and messages of the films shown.

Supplementing the main activities are shows tailored for attendees. It is the Organizers’ goal that the week of HIFF will be a hotspot for HCMC’s local and international visitors. Cine Show, a series of in-film music and fashion exhibitions featuring renowned creatives, will take place outdoors, on the stages along Nguyen Hue Walking Street. These showcases host special unique audiovisual experiences and honor the achievements from Vietnam and the world’s cinema and fashion fields.

HIFF 2024 is one of many initiatives in HCMC’s strategy to develop its film industry and local reputation. There’s also the aim to promote the HCMC’s image, culture and tourism to turn it into a Film City, ultimately joining UNESCO’s network of creative cities (UCCN Network).

About HIFF’s first edition, Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, deputy director of the Department of Culture and Sports of HCMC, says: “HIFF 2024 is important not only for the film industry but also for the entire city. We hope it will connect producers, performers, and audiences everywhere to cinema. We also hope HIFF 2024 will be a showcase of quality and creative Vietnamese cinema works, thus affirming Vietnam’s place on the world cinema map.”

“HIFF 2024 is also when HCMC can display its beauty to the world. We want HIFF 2024 to be a venue for residents and visitors to enjoy good movies, activities and services. We also want HIFF 2024 to be able to promote HCMC to where it becomes an ideal destination for culture and investment.”

Pham Minh Toan, chairman of VietFest, the festival’s consulting team, shares: “We are so honored to accompany the Department of Culture and Sports and HCMC Contemporary Performing Arts Center to organize HIFF 2024. This is a significant event for the film industry and the entire city. We will try our best to organize HIFF 2024 in a professional, effective and globally appealing manner so that HCMC becomes the place to create cinema. The valuable relationships we foster with producers, performers, critics and partners in the local and international film industries help us believe that HIFF 2024 will be golden.”

HIFF 2024’s strategic film-screening partners are the city’s leading multiplexes including: CGV, BHD, Galaxy, Lotte Cinema, Cinestar… They will ensure the quality of each screening meets the standards of an international film festival.


  • Name: The 1st Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024 (HIFF 2024)
  • Host: The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Organizer: Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Implementation:
    • Cinema Department — Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    • The Cinema Council of Ho Chi Minh City
    • Ho Chi Minh City Television
    • Ho Chi Minh City Contemporary Performing Arts Center
    • VietFest

• Venue for press conference and Cine Party provided by Lotte Saigon Hotel