The Artistry Trilogy

admin 2023/11/22 10:19

Spotlight on Mastery

In an homage that surpasses the confines of the traditional viewing experience, we are delighted to introduce the “Special Artist” segment, an illustrious highlight of our festival dedicated to the visionary prowess of Director Kim Jee Woon.

This exceptional segment will showcase three remarkable films, each underscoring the creativity, adaptability, and compelling allure of Director Kim Jee Woon’s work. These films stand as a tribute to his unique ability to craft stories that leave a lasting imprint on the tapestry of global cinema. As you watch these narratives unfold, be prepared to be engrossed by the depth of storytelling and the directorial finesse that Kim Jee Woon brings to the screen.

The engagement doesn’t stop at the screenings. We invite you to a special fan meeting, a rare opportunity to interact with Director Kim Jee Woon in a meaningful way. This will be a chance to express your admiration, delve into his filmmaking process, and participate in a cinematic conversation that promises to be as indelible as his work.

Immerse yourself in the excellence of narrative artistry where Director Kim Jee Woon is at the heart, and the audience is invited to partake in a collective appreciation of film. Join us in shining a light on this directorial icon at HIFF, as we embark on the Artistic Trilogy.

Follow this link for our festival schedule will film screening and Cine Talk of Director Kim Jee woon.