Cinematic Crossroads

admin 2023/11/20 11:25

HIFF is a journey that transcends borders to celebrate deep connections between cities, countries worldwide, and Vietnam. This year, HIFF proudly presents the “Cinematic Crossroads: Spotlight on a City/Country” category, specially curated to honor the special bond with cities or countries that share a significant connection with Ho Chi Minh City.

This edition shines a spotlight on French cinema, highlighting “New French Animation” – a collection that introduces an innovative wave of French animated films known for their unique artistry and storytelling.

This category is not just a film journey; it’s a celebration of shared stories, cultural exchange, and long-term cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and the honored city or country. Through carefully selected films, we invite you to explore the unique cinematic landscape crafted by renowned storytellers from these distinguished places.

Join us in honoring the global language of cinema, immersing yourself in stories that bridge cultures and strengthen the cultural ties between Ho Chi Minh City and the spotlighted city or country. This category is more than a cinematic voyage; it’s a cultural dialogue, a journey of discovering shared values, and a testament to the enduring power of storytelling in building solidarity between two locales. Let this category be a beacon of unity, diversity, and the magical connection of two cultures through film. Welcome to the festival of stories, friendship, and love in the vibrant world of cinema.

New French Animation (continue updating)

Sébastien LAUDENBACH, Chiara MALTA
Jérémie PERIN
Pablo Berger

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