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HIFF Script Lab is a profound professional activity within the framework of the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival. Established with the aim of seeking, nurturing, and fostering young screenwriting talents in Vietnam, HIFF Script Lab is not only a training platform but also an environment for developing sophisticated and creative scripts.

Long-Term Goals

HIFF Script Lab aims to build a highly skilled workforce for the film industry in Vietnam in the long run. We believe that investing in screenwriting talent is a key factor in propelling Vietnamese cinema into the global arena, opening up international collaboration opportunities, and maintaining a strong position within the industry.


The vision of HIFF Script Lab is to become a leading training and creative hub in the field of screenwriting in Vietnam, where all young talents can develop and advance. We not only aim to build a workforce of exceptional scriptwriters but also to promote diversity and creativity in storytelling, thereby spreading Vietnamese culture to the world.


Our mission is to shape the future of Vietnamese cinema through the training, support, and encouragement of screenwriting talents. We are committed to providing a positive learning and working environment, exploring and developing creative abilities, and connecting talents with potential opportunities in the film industry.

HIFF Script Lab is where unique ideas bloom, and refined stories begin. We take pride in accompanying young screenwriters, helping them reach new heights, and contributing to the diversification, richness, and impact of Vietnamese cinema on the global film landscape.


1. Collaboration between Screenwriters and Mentors

Screenwriters participating in Script Lab will be connected with a Mentor. This experienced expert in the film industry will provide direct support and guidance throughout the project’s development process.

2. Collaborate Directly and In Groups

The screenwriters and Mentors will participate in one-on-one and group sessions to discuss and analyze to further develop the script’s ideas and structure. This is an opportunity to share ideas, observations and learn from each other.

3. Enhancing Professional Skills and Script Writing Skills

HIFF Script Lab not only helps develop specific projects but also enhances the careers of the screenwriters. By introducing them to seasoned professionals in the film industry, HIFF Script Lab creates opportunities for learning both creative skills and the business aspects of screenwriting.

4. Guest Speakers and Professional Discussions

Various guest speakers from the film industry will participate to screen and discuss their works. This will broaden knowledge and deepen understanding of the art and profession of screenwriting.

5. Final Pitching Round

The final pitching round is the ultimate opportunity to showcase and receive feedback. Film producers, directors, and industry CEOs can participate, providing authentic evaluations and suggestions for the projects. It is also a chance to create new opportunities and relationships in the field of filmmaking.

6. Award and One-Year Script Workshop

The reward for HIFF Script Lab is a one-year scriptwriting workshop with seasoned screenwriters. This provides an opportunity for screenwriters to develop and refine their scripts with in-depth and detailed support from experienced professionals in the film industry.

HIFF Script Lab is not just a course but a comprehensive experience to explore, learn, and develop screenwriting talent in Vietnam.


To ensure consistency and fairness for the selected projects, the following conditions are imposed:

1. End Credits

All selected projects must display the authorized HIFF logo and the following statement in the final credits of the film: “With the support of HIFF Script Lab 2023.”

2. Award Logo and Content

Projects that receive the HIFF Script Lab 2023 Award, when made into films, should display the HIFF Script Lab 2023 logo along with appropriate mention: “HIFF Script Lab 2023 Award.”

3. Opening Credits

If there is the appearance of other film partners in the opening credits, the HIFF Script Lab 2023 logo and reference to the award must also be included in the opening credits.

4. 10% Script Revenue Sharing

The winner is required to share 10% of the proceeds from the sale or distribution of the script with the HIFF Script Lab Fund.

These conditions ensure that the contributions and support from HIFF Script Lab are accurately and sustainably recognized in future film or television products.


HIFF Script Lab is open to any screenwriter who can submit a complete draft of a feature film or film series project that they wish to participate in HIFF Script Lab, with the goal of future production.

HIFF Script Lab welcomes the participation of all screenwriters with the desire and ability to write film scripts. The important requirement is that the applicants need to prepare a complete complete draft of their feature film or film series project. This draft should include the plot, characters, basic structure, and it should be a complete draft awaiting further development and refinement.

The purpose of requesting the complete draft is to create a foundation for in-depth discussions in HIFF Script Lab. In this way, applicants can share opinions, provide suggestions, and collectively develop the project comprehensively. The complete draft is not just a starting point but also a valuable foundation for the subsequent process of script development.

Giving special attention to each screenwriter with the ideas and projects they desire to produce is to ensure that HIFF Script Lab is not just a place for discussing ideas, but also an important step in the development process and bringing projects to the screen. This is the commitment of HIFF Script Lab to support screenwriters on the journey from idea exploration to the realization of high-quality film or television productions.



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