The Jury Prize Award

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Last Shadow At First Light

Director: Nicole Midori Woodford
Producer: Tomohiko Seki, Shozo Ichiyama, Shao Yong Jeremy Christopher Chua


Haunted by recurring apparitions, 16-year-old Ami embarks on a journey from Singapore to Japan in search for her missing mother. On arrival in Tokyo, a cynical taxi-driving uncle whom she meets for the first time becomes her custodian and reluctant guide to the family hometown with a dark past. The road, paved with hauntings and hallucinations, traces her mother’s footsteps into mental decline. As Ami’s eyes begin to open to the nether world, a bond is slowly forged between uncle and niece. Amidst the transforming landscapes, Ami’s enigmatic dreams and lost mother unveil their true nature.


Director: Fariba Haidari
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda


While a gamer uploads a testimonial video to denounce the harassment she suffers in a war video game, a stranger enters her home and hacks her computer, blurring the boundaries of the real and the virtual with chaotic consequences.

Honoring Excellence in Filmmaking Chosen by the Experts

The Jury Prize Award at the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival (HIFF) represents the pinnacle of recognition for outstanding achievement in the world of cinema. This prestigious award is given to a film selected by a panel of esteemed experts, filmmakers, and industry professionals serving as the festival’s jury.

Key Aspects of the Jury Board Award:

Expertise and Critical Evaluation

The Jury Prize Award signifies the highest level of recognition a film can achieve within the festival. It represents the culmination of careful evaluation and critique by our jury board comprised of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their judgments.

Diverse Perspectives

The jury panel consists of experts from various cinematic backgrounds, ensuring that the awarded film demonstrates excellence in storytelling, cinematography, direction, and more from a variety of perspectives.

Unbiased Selection

The award is given based on the merits of the film alone, without any external influences or considerations. It stands as a testament to the film’s quality and craftsmanship.

Celebrating Artistic and Technical Excellence

The Jury Prize Award recognizes outstanding achievement not only in storytelling but also in technical aspects of filmmaking. It acknowledges a film’s ability to captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on its audience.

In summary, The Jury Prize Award at HIFF is a prestigious accolade that celebrates the very best in filmmaking, as determined by a distinguished panel of experts. It represents the ultimate recognition of a film’s artistic and technical excellence, making it a highly sought-after honor for filmmakers around the world.