HCMC Film Award

admin 2023/09/18 15:14

The HCMC Film Award serves as a symbol of recognition and appreciation for the outstanding contributions of Ho Chi Minh City’s filmmakers and its burgeoning film industry. It is presented to an exceptional film which demonstrates excellence and leaves a profound impact on the city’s film landscape.

Key Aspects of the HCMC Film Award:

Honoring Local Talent

This award celebrates and honors the remarkable filmmaking talent of Ho Chi Minh City, granting them the widespread recognition and motivation needed to continue crafting exceptional works.

Inspiring Growth

The HCMC Film Award serves as an inspiration for growth and creativity within the film industry of Ho Chi Minh City, urging local filmmakers to persist in producing remarkable cinematic creations.

Creating Global Connections

This accolade not only recognizes Ho Chi Minh City’s contributions to the art of cinema but also showcases the worldwide appeal of outstanding filmmaking. It fosters a sense of unity and shared appreciation for the art of cinema on a global scale.

The Ho Chi Minh City Film Category Competition and the HCMC Film Award jointly provide an exceptional platform for honoring and celebrating the vibrant film industry and talented filmmakers in Ho Chi Minh City. They not only recognize local talent but also nurture creativity while promoting global unity and appreciation for the art of cinema.