The Best Short Film

admin 2023/10/14 01:44


Director: Fariba Haidari
Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda


Poignant and touching slices of Leila’s life, a charming 64-year-old transgender who is permanently navigating and negotiating her place in an antagonistic world, just before the Taliban retake control of Afghanistan.

The Best Short Film Award is the pinnacle of recognition for excellence in the world of short filmmaking. It aligns with the Short Films Category Competition in several meaningful ways.

Key Aspects of the Best Short Film Award

Celebrating Short Film Excellence

This award honors the most outstanding short film within the competition, regardless of genre or origin. It showcases the brilliance of storytelling in a compact form.

Encouraging Artistic Innovation

The Best Short Film Award recognizes filmmakers’ ability to convey compelling narratives, experiment with visual storytelling, and evoke powerful emotions, all within a condensed timeframe.

Inspiring Short Filmmakers

Winning this award serves as an inspiration for short filmmakers worldwide, encouraging them to push the boundaries of creativity, explore innovative approaches, and continue sharing their unique stories with the world.

The Short Films Category Competition and the Best Short Film Award are dedicated to celebrating the art of short filmmaking. They provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent, experiment with concise storytelling, and leave a lasting impact on audiences through the magic of short films.