The Best First or Second Film Award

admin 2024/05/20 17:40

City Of Wind

Director: Lkhagvadulam Purev Ochir


A spiritual shaman is a crucial member of the community, the one who everyone depends on when in need of moral and spiritual guidance. What happens when that shaman is a 17-year-old high school student who must balance his profound Spiritual responsibilities while also juggling another life – that of a high school student – working hard to success in the cold, callous society of modern Mongolia. Introducing Ze, 17-year-old gentle Mongolian shaman…

Mandoob (Night Courier)

Director: Ali Kalthami


In the heart of Riyadh, where desperation and opportunity collide, MANDOOB brings forth the gripping tale of Fahad Algadaani, a mentally fragile man racing against time to save his ailing father.

The Best First or Second Film Award is a prestigious recognition of excellence in filmmaking by emerging talents. It is the recognition for the Best First or Second Film Category Competition in several meaningful ways.

Key Aspects of the Best First or Second Film Award:

Celebrating Emerging Filmmakers

This award honors the most outstanding debut or second film within the competition, showcasing the brilliance and potency of emerging directors.

Recognizing Creative Prowess

The Best First or Second Film Award acknowledges the innovative storytelling, direction, and cinematic language used by emerging directors in their early works.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Winning this award serves as an inspiration for young and aspiring filmmakers, encouraging them to continue exploring their creative boundaries and sharing their distinctive cinematic visions with the world.

The Best First or Second Film Category Competition and the Best First or Second Film Award shine a spotlight on emerging talents and their debut or second films, celebrating their contributions to the world of cinema and inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.