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Cong Nguyen 2024/05/16 19:11

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Welcome to the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival (HIFF) Film Project Market, a thriving hub for cinematic innovation and collaboration. Our market has already showcased numerous promising projects, with the top selections gaining significant investment and acclaim. However, our commitment to these projects extends beyond the festival itself.

As HIFF concludes, we aim to continue supporting all film projects associated with our festival. We are committed to building an enduring environment for business matching and film production cooperation. Whether you are an investor, filmmaker, or cinema enthusiast, registering here connects you directly with project owners at various stages of development—from fledgling concepts needing nurturing to fully-formed projects ready for production.

By joining our community, you help ensure that these diverse and dynamic film projects find their audience and achieve their potential. You will not only witness the birth of new cinematic expressions but also play a crucial role in their growth and success.

Fill out the form below to start making meaningful connections that could lead to exciting collaborative opportunities. Let’s continue to push the boundaries of storytelling together!

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