Film Market

HIFF Film Market Agenda

Day 1: Networking and Industry Insights – 8 April 2024 Morning Session Afternoon Session Day 2: Film Showcases and Distribution Insights – 9 April 2024 Morning Session Afternoon Session Day 3: Talent Discovery and Cinematic Diversity – 10 April 2024 Morning Session Afternoon Session Note: This agenda is subject to change. Detailed schedules, speakers, and […]

Market Components

Market Hub This is the central location where all market-related activities take place. It usually includes registration desks, information centers, and exhibition spaces for companies and organizations. Market Screenings A dedicated area for viewing films, TV series, and other content. These screenings are attended by industry professionals, including buyers, distributors, and festival programmers. Networking Events […]

Introduction to HIFF Film Market

The HIFF Film Market stands as a dynamic hub within the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival, specially crafted to serve the interests of industry professionals, filmmakers, and enthusiasts. It is the convergence point for the exchange of ideas, collaboration, and the discovery of new talents and content in the world of cinema. Key […]